Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke

And how to avoid it

Heat stroke is a severe condition when the body overheats due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and fails to regulate its temperature properly. It’s a medical emergency and can be life-threatening.

Mitigation Strategies:

  1. Stay hydrated with water and avoid sugary or alcoholic drinks.
  2. Wear loose, light-colored, and breathable clothing.
  3. Limit outdoor activities during the hottest parts of the day.
  4. Seek shade or cool areas when outdoors.
  5. Use fans or air conditioning to keep indoor spaces cool.
  6. Take cool showers or baths to reduce body temperature.
  7. Never leave anyone in parked cars, especially children or pets.
  8. Monitor vulnerable individuals like older adults and infants for signs of heat-related distress.
  9. Learn the signs of heat stroke, such as high body temperature, confusion, and rapid breathing.
  10. Call emergency services immediately if you suspect heat stroke and move the person to a cooler place.
  11. Apply cool, wet cloths to help lower body temperature while waiting for medical help.
  12. Acclimatize to hot conditions gradually to build tolerance.
  13. Avoid strenuous activities in extreme heat.
  14. Drink water before feeling thirsty to stay adequately hydrated.
  15. Keep curtains and blinds closed during the hottest hours to reduce indoor heat.
  16. Use lightweight and breathable bedding for comfortable sleep in warm weather.
  17. Consider cooling vests or damp bandanas for outdoor activities.
  18. Avoid direct sun exposure, especially during peak heat hours.
  19. Use sunscreen to protect the skin from sunburn.
  20. Eat light and easily digestible meals to avoid increasing body heat.
  21. Keep pets in cool, shaded areas with access to water.
  22. Be aware of medications that may increase sensitivity to heat, and consult a doctor if needed.
  23. Stay informed about heat advisories and take necessary precautions.
woman with heat stroke
Heat stroke.


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