Category: Processes in EM

  • Diagnosis


    If the diagnosis is severe, you will go to the operating room or be admitted for medical treatment.

  • Emergency Care

    Emergency Care

    vs Primary Care: what’s the difference? Primary Care vs. Emergency Medicine: A Simplified Overview Primary care and emergency medicine serve distinct roles in health care. Yet, both are critical for overall patient well-being. Primary Care: Emergency Medicine: Contrasting Points: Primary care nurtures long-term health, while emergency medicine responds to urgent crises. Both are invaluable in…

  • CAT Scan

    CAT Scan

    a CT scan is like taking X-ray slices of your body from different angles and putting those slices together on a computer to create a detailed picture

  • Radiology


    Remember that the team must constantly respond to the most pressing issue in the emergency department.

  • Waiting


    …getting through the emergency room involves a lot of waiting.

  • Triage


    …but triage ensures the most urgent cases are handled quickly, increasing the chances of saving lives