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  • Appendicitis


    The primary treatment for appendicitis is surgery to remove the inflamed appendix

  • Dizzy


    dizziness is more about feeling like you or your surroundings are moving,

  • ER vs. Doctor’s Office

    ER vs. Doctor’s Office

    ER is for emergencies anytime, while a clinic is for regular check-ups and less urgent health problems.

  • Vomiting


    The health purpose of vomiting is mainly to get rid of harmful things.

  • Allergic


    In anaphylaxis, your immune system goes into overdrive.

  • High Blood Pressure

    High Blood Pressure

    A single high reading does not mean you have hypertension.

  • Choking


    Knowing what to do in a choking emergency can save a life. Learn the Heimlich maneuver and CPR to be prepared.

  • Diagnosis


    If the diagnosis is severe, you will go to the operating room or be admitted for medical treatment.

  • Acute


    Now, compare “acute” to its opposite: “chronic.” A chronic condition, like arthritis, develops over time and lasts long.

  • Emergency Care

    Emergency Care

     vs Primary Care: what’s the difference? Primary Care vs. Emergency Medicine: A Simplified Overview Primary care and emergency medicine serve distinct roles in health care. Yet, both are critical for overall patient well-being. Primary Care: Emergency Medicine: Contrasting Points: Primary care nurtures long-term health, while emergency medicine responds to urgent crises. Both are invaluable in…